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Right to Education

The Regional Agency for the Right to University Study, based on via Alberghi 8  in Catanzaro, provides scholarships, housing and luncheon  services for students who are within the economic and merit parameters fixed on the notice of the annual competition.
Scholarships and residential services, being  grants for deserving students who are in financial need, are awarded according to  lists drawn on the basis of merit requirements, economic condition (merit,  income, household composition, residence) and any condition of disability in accordance with the provisions of Regional Law No 34/2001, art. 4 of Law No 390, 02/12/1991 and D.P.C.M. 09/04/2001. For more information, please call number 0961/709324.

Moreover, as far as  the right to study  is concerned , the University Magna Graecia, provides for students who register, a reduction in the amount of taxes to be determined according to  the high school diploma score: for students who graduated with a grade between 80 and 90/100 the reduction is equal to 15%; for graduates with a grade between 91-100/100 the reduction is of 30%. Also students enrolling in the years after the first can benefit of the economic advantages for the payment of tuition fees. In this case, account is taken-for the reduction of the amount to be paid - of the number of credits attained in respect to the number of years of study foreseen by  the plan of study and the average of the taken exams.