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The University of Catanzaro has launched a range of services and initiatives that allow students to participate actively in the academic life. The university, in fact, provides computer and language labs, medical and scientific libraries with tutoring services, multimedia classrooms for access to the Internet and a virtual bulletin board to book the exams from home. In addition ,the Magna Graecia University makes available many other services for students who want to get the most out of their educational experience in Catanzaro.

Part-time work opportunities for an economic support during the studies; scholarships for abroad stays, as part of Leonardo, Socrates and Erasmus projects, which will improve your  culture, with the possibility to take exams.
Exhibitions and cultural events to keep the debate within the University alive.

Rich is the stage offer that the University makes available to its students. The possibility to make learning experiences that help you to find your way in the world of work is an important moment of completion of the university graduation courses, receptive of the professional needs emerging from the territory. With numerous stage opportunities, both in Italy and abroad, the University of Catanzaro gives significant assistance to young people who wish to carefully consider theyr future career choices through direct knowledge of the work dynamics, according to their attitudes and skills. The world of University education was for a long time in the past far from the productive world. But ,by now, also the company leaders have realized the increased need for young people, not only technically and  professionally experienced, but also creative, open to various subjects, and able to combine theory with practice.