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Integration of graduates into the World ofWork

 UMGLavoro is a service offered by the University Magna Graecia, with the aim of promoting the optimal placement of its graduates in the World of Work. UMGLavoro was therefore designed with the goal of building a strong network of relationships between the University and the World of Work, offering students and graduates information, advice, ad -hoc tools and customized services necessary for the understanding and management of the  competitive dynamics that characterize the complex reality of the labor market, even at international level.

To successfully achieve this goal, UMGLavoro offers undergraduates and graduates many services, and in particular:


ALMALAUREA is the service by which the University makes available online the graduates’ curricula, so acting as a meeting point between young people, Universities and Companies. The curricula are collected at the Office of the University of Catanzaro AlmaLaurea and managed by the InterUniversity Consortium based in Bologna for the integration of graduates into the world of work.


To learn more about AlmaLaurea


B@CHECA UMGLAVORO is the instrument through which the placement operators inform users about the job opportunities, awards, scholarships, etc.., intended for  graduates and students of the University. The B @ Checa has received over 14,000 visits in 2007, and is always available on the website of the University, as well as at UMGLavoro.
To learn more about B @ Checa UMGLavoro


INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS are  sponsored by the University "Magna Graecia", with the aim of creating alternating  moments study and work experience, during the course of study or at the end of the same, allowing students and graduates of  the University to acquire valuable insight into the world of work and to better assess future career choices.


There are several projects through which the University promotes internships for students and graduates.


Through the program FIxO, Training and Innovation for Employment, the University promotes internships for graduates and undergraduates, providing, among other things, a platform to which candidates to internships can apply.
To learn more about FIxO

With CRUI Foundation programs, the University participates in numerous calls to start training/ internships at public institutions and companies ,both in Italy and abroad, intended for  graduates and undergraduates.
To learn more about CRUI Internships

The University also promotes curricular training /internships for students, as part of their curricula. To learn more contact the Degree Course’s contact person



Data Bank Stage, is an initiative born out of a Framework Convention signed with Confindustria Catanzaro, by  which the University has allowed students and graduates of the University to place and keep up to date their CV by filling in the electronic model. Inside the BDS, an area dedicated to companies contracted for an internship with the University, it is also possible for  the companies to see them. The University has finally offered a service rating (ranking) of the CVs in the database, on the basis of the  parameters specified in the University Regulations and  identified as criteria for the formation of the lists.
To learn more about the Internship Database

WORK EXPERIENCE:  With this  initiative the University has promoted for the academic year 2005/2006, as part of the POR Calabria 2000/2006 Axis III-Human Resources, a number of actions aiming  at encouraging the integration or re-employment of unemployed, also promoting equal opportunities, by developing- as part of an integrated training and employment path.- appropriate  internships, in order to promote knowledge of the  world of work, The participants, apart carrying out a  six months internship at companies  and government agencies in Calabria, will  also attend training lessons ( 80 hours) organized by the University, on such topics as: Health and Safety at Work , European Social Fund, the National Plan for Employment, Self-employment and Public Employment Services. They also received a monthly contribution by the Calabria Region in relation to the days of actual presence. In order to promote equal opportunities, women are also granted a voucher for the reconciliation of family life and work.
Read more about Work Experience

More job placement services are made under the Program FIxO.

At UMGLavoro you can also pick up the Career Directory Job Advisor, the free guide for career opportunities for Italian graduates.

UMGLavoro - AlmaLaurea is in Viale Europa Loc. Germaneto (Building of  the Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Area - level 0) Phone 0961.3694999, e-mail: fasano@unicz.it. Open hours: Monday to Friday 8.45 am to 1.45pm. Tuesday and Thursday also 3.00pm to 5.00pm
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